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Body Blushing Service

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Body Blushing Service

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Before you choose body blushing option, please be aware that blushing a doll’s body makes the doll less awesome for playing with. Playing with a blushed doll can easily scratch the sealant and rub off the colors. This is especially common around the doll’s joints, shoulders and waist where the plastic will rub against itself.

Doll will be sanded seams before we blush the body.

We highly encourage the blushed dolls to be used for display only.

Body-blushing will be matte sealed (recommend avoiding tight clothing on blushing areas).

For darker skin tone such as chocolate or coffee, we do not offer body blushing because the scratch will be very obvious and may ruin the whole look.

TIP: If the body gets dirty, use magic sponge such as Mr.Clean Magic Easer to clean off (avoid blushing areas if possible).