About us

It all started with a dream – a dream to have and to live in my own world. The world where love and peace are treasured above everything else. The world where art is all that matters. In that world, we build tiny citizen-doll-ships. We take care of every single detail – their face, their shoulders, their bodies, their arms and their legs. Their clothes are picked and sewed carefully from high-quality materials. We do not try to make perfect dolls, but we make every of them with love. And we guess, just with it, they become extraordinary naturally. It is now time to open this little tiny wonder-doll-world for people to come and share the love.

Every doll is art and unique. Unique eyes. Unique nose. Unique lips. We might wear same clothes for them, we believe you are still able to see their uniqueness. And that’s also a message we wish you would feel every time you hold Janchor dolls in your hand – we are unique in our own ways. We must embrace it and be proud of ourselves. Hope this wonder Janchor dolls land brings you as much joy as Christmas does.

Janchor Dolls (JD) was found amidst the chaos of 2020 pandemic. It is the combination of art and fashion doll style. JD is designed by @jacknguyen93 in the US and cast in Korea.  

If you have any question, please contact us by email thejanchor@gmail.com or drop us message on IG the_janchor.